Costa Natura is committed to offering our website in a variety of languages to help our guests and community navigate our digital landscape in a friendly, familiar way. Over the past year, Costa Natura has seen month on month traffic growth from all corners of the globe and our team has been committed to serving them in their language.

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Here are some top statistics about Costa Natura and our commitment to our multilingual community:

  • Our reception staff speak a number of languages, responding to calls and emails in major European languages each and every day from our beautiful community in Estepona.
  • For the year 2018, the top languages of users on our website were English (45%), Spanish (7%), Dutch (4%), French (4%), German (3%). The top visitors were from the UK, Spain, the USA, France, German and the Netherlands.
  • The website has over 81,500 words of translated text and offers more language coverage than our previous website.
  • 6 languages are offered on our website and we are continually looking for feedback to offer even more.
  • Our translation service is highly automated, reducing the effort on our reception staff to keep their website current. About 10% of all translations are provided by native speakers. However, we know that automated translations are not perfect and so, at regular intervals, we invite suggestions for changes and alterations from our community. Spot a mistake? Please contact us and we’d be more than happy to change it.