Update June 3rd

This is the second local newsletter to our beloveds friends of Costa Natura. It is written, on behalf of the President & Committee, to keep you informed of the latest local situation at Costa Natura and in the Region of Andalucia in general. I will not repeat what has already been said in Newsletter No1, but I will mention any changes of course.

Costa Natura continues in a good way – but it is unnaturally quiet, with only 30 residents or so – I think that we are all looking forward to greeting new arrivals and seeing Costa Natura come more alive again!

The local situation and in general:

The Government insist, from Thursday 21st May, that face masks must be worn in the ‘public street’, in open-air spaces and any closed space that is open to the public, where it is not possible to maintain the 2m social distance. Of course, this rule applies as well, when using public transport. It is accepted that you cannot wear a face mask when eating or drinking! But, it is always necessary to bring a face mask when you go out.

When you visit Aldi, Mercadona or Carrefour, you must wear a face mask, use the plastic gloves and sanitizing gels provided, or you cannot enter. There are no shortages of goods and the shelves are full.

On 1st June, Malaga Province moved into Phase 2. This phase relaxes the ‘state of alarm’ a little further. Shopping Centres may now open, but at reduced capacity. Bars and restaurants in Estepona are open and may now have seated guests inside, but all with capacity restrictions.

Similar capacity restrictions apply to hotels (including Costa Natura), but they are now allowed to open their communal areas, including swimming pools, jacuzzi’s, sauna’s and spa’s.

But, it is not quite so simple as that! Hotels, before they can open these facilities, must also implement very rigorous and regular cleaning programs – this applies to Costa Natura as well.

Beaches can now fully open to permit swimming and sunbathing, but the 2m social distance must be observed. Although groups of up to 15 people can gather.

Looking to the future, the Government has also announced that it plans to permit international visitors from 1st July.(If you do plan to travel to Spain in July, then please check carefully, in your home country, to understand if there are any other travel restrictions or quarantine requirements.)

In Costa Natura:

We start with a message from Anita:

Dear friends, I hope you all are doing well! On Monday, May 18, it was finally time and the Brasserie reopened to the great joy of me and my employees. I want to thank Graham for his performance (see picture) on Saturday May 23, this was a great success and brought a smile to everyone’s face. I would also like to thank all those present and supporting me at Costa Natura and the committee for thinking along and sympathizing. I hope to see you all again soon. Stay healthy.          Anita and staff.

As mentioned above, now in Phase 2, we are permitted to open our communal spaces from 1st June and we are very busy, right now, developing the vital cleaning plan and this will mean that we will open our pools on 15th June, when the cleaning commences – this entails cleaning 7 days a week and in some areas, several times a day.

From 1st June, residents may once more use the sunbathing lawns, but they will need to use their own chairs/loungers or use towels or pads. For the time being, the CN sun loungers may not be used, because we have no way to keep these sanitized and safe for your use. Right now we are considering our options on this matter. But all users of the lawns must remember – keep your social distance!

From Monday 1st June, reception will be open 5 days each week (Monday to Friday) from 9am until 4pm.

All owners and clients will be happy to hear that the Gym and Library re-opened on Monday 25th May. In each place only 1 person is permitted at a time and the social club will normally be locked, but the key is available from reception.

For the past 10 weeks, the Committee has held a video conference every Tuesday morning and this will continue for the duration of the crisis. In more normal times, we used to meet 4 or 5 times each year, but the severity of this crisis and the rapid changes in the law, have made these weekly meetings essential. We have to keep CN fully compliant with the law, ensuring that the place is as safe as possible, as well as to make sure that we can welcome clients at the earliest time.

It is also very important to understand how flexible and supportive the staff are being – they are all doing a great job! I am sure that all owners will join me in a huge vote of thanks to our staff!

So, many places are open and we look forward to welcoming international clients after 1st July, but we all must continue to be very careful, wear masks when necessary, continue to regularly wash our hands and to keep a social distance of 2 m. Please help to stop the virus and keep our Costa Natura safe!

President, Peter Bryceson, the Committee and all the staff send you their greetings from Costa Natura and look forward to you visiting soon. In the meantime, please stay healthy and stay safe.

It is planned to send you the next newsletter in 2 weeks time.


Many thanks for your attention,


Costa Natura

The local situation and in general:

The Spanish Government has defined 4 Phases where Covid-19 restrictions will progressively be relaxed as the pandemic slows down. We started in Phase 0 and on completion of the final Phase 3, it is planned that Spain will return to a ‘New Normal’ Situation – whatever that means (we don’t know yet, however, it is clear that, life will have to change from what we have known in the past)! On Monday 18th May, Malaga Province and hence Estepona, moved from Phase 0 to Phase 1.

From 11th May the government has relaxed rules on car occupancy, to permit people from the same household to travel together in a car. Other passengers may be carried, but only in the rear seats and then all occupants must wear face masks. In general, many people wear facemasks when outside.

General travel around the country is prohibited to all, except, perhaps, commercial drivers delivering food or other goods. For members of the public, it is prohibited to travel outside their home province – in our case, Malaga Province.

Now we are in Phase 1, shops, bars, restaurants and hotels in Estepona will re-open, but with major restrictions. Bars and restaurants can only offer outside service on terraces, with strong limits on capacity, to allow people to keep social distance. Likewise, hotels (including CN) will open, but their communal areas must remain closed. Shops may open, but large shopping centers, like La Cañada will remain closed.

At the present time, the only international arrivals who will be permitted to enter Spain are Spanish nationals or official residents travelling to their homes. Any international arrivals will need to observe a 14 day self-isolation period. At the present time, these restrictions will continue until June 15th.

In Costa Natura:

Reception is open 1 day per week. Please see the Costa Natura website for the rota of days or email

‘The Brasserie’ is open for service on the terrace only (not inside the bar and restaurant), with strict rules to maintain the 2m social distance and to apply extra sanitary measures.

The beach is open for walking/exercise, but swimming and sunbathing are prohibited.

The Laundry is open, with strict rule only one person may enter at any one time. All tokens are being disinfected after use.

The following areas/facilities remain closed – Sunbathing lawns, swimming pools, jacuzzi, sauna.

Narci is working several days each week from home, taking bookings and answering questions from clients. A small number of cleaning staff are busy cleaning apartments in preparation for receiving clients.

There are clearly many people who wish to book at CN, but, at the present time, international clients are unable to travel to Spain. So, we expect that, in the early stages, most clients will be Spanish and until further notice, only Spanish people from the Malaga Province.

You can be assured that Costa Natura will be ready to receive clients just as soon as travel restrictions are lifted sufficiently.

The President, Committee and all the staff are very keen start welcoming owners and clients to Costa Natura at the earliest possible moment.

It is vital that all owners and clients strictly observe the need to maintain the 2m social distancing and to handwash at regular intervals.


But the situation continues to change and develop, so watch closely for changes over the coming weeks. English:   Dutch:

In 2 weeks time, it is planned to send you another local newsletter.

The Brasserie will open on Monday 18th May –
for outdoor serving and Take Away

Opening Hours: 14.00 – 20.00 daily

The following rules must be followed at the Brasserie:

  • Strict social distancing at all times. 2 meters distance unless from the same household.
  • Tables with chairs minimum 2m apart
  • No guests inside the restaurant and the toilets at the restaurant are closed. Use the facilities just outside The Brasserie
  • Regular wipe down sanitising of tables and chairs and always between shifts of guests
  • Sanitary protection for staff inside, also the kitchen (masks and gloves)
  • Sanitising stations available for both clients and staff respectively
  • Social distancing when waiting at tables & queuing for service (lines on the floor)
  • No more than 50% capacity allowed by the latest decree
  • No movements of tables and chairs outside the social distancing
  • Contactless payments where possible
  • The terrace can no longer be used as a walk-trough passage.

Contact us at +34 607 474 988 for bookings (phone/WhatsApp or Text) – WELCOME!!

Keep safe and well,
The Costa Natura Team

Contact Us

Key Information

If you have an existing booking with Costa Natura and are due to arrive before 1st of July, 2020, contact reception by email at or telephone on +34 618 817 765

We strongly advise you check with your the Spanish Health Authority, your airline and your travel insurance provider if you intend to travel to Costa Natura.

We are waiving cancellation and change fees, in addition to offering additional rebooking options.

Sanitary guidelines at Costa Natura

We have established several sanitary guidelines for Costa Natura and for The Brasserie that will open on May 18th and we ask everybody to kindly follow and respect the rules implemented:

Latest Guidelines to prevent spreading of Coronavirus (updated on May 9th 2020)

Use of communal areas

  • Maximum 2 guests in the reception at the same time. Observe social distancing rules. Contactless payments preferred.
  • Swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna, including associated showers, change rooms and toilets, will remain closed until further notice.
  • Social club, library and gym, including associated toilets, will remain closed until further notice.
  • Change room under the old laundry is closed.
  • Laundry room is open. Only 1 person at a time. Please wipe off all surfaces you touch, both before and after, with a disinfectant wet wipe and dispose of it in the bin. Coins are being disinfected before usage
  • Volleyball court closed until further notice
  • Petanque court may be used by members of same household. Avoid mixing groups of people from different households on the court at the same time.
  • Sunbeds remain locked and it’s not allowed to lay/sit on the common lawns. “Renato’s” remains closed until visitor numbers increase
  • Play / sports equipment on the lawn by “Renato’s” may not be used.
  • The “Brasserie” remains closed. On May 18th The Brasserie will start to offer Take Away and outdoor servings at 50% capacity. Special rules for cleaning and social distance will be applied
  • Toilets outside the “Brasserie” may be used. Wipe off the surfaces you touch, both before and after, with a disinfection wet wipe and dispose of the tissue in the bin. (NB! Not in the toilet! It will block the pipes!)
  • Beach access gate is open. It’s allowed to walk on the beach in accordance with official Spanish rules

General rules

  • Always maintain social distancing: Minimum 2 meter of distance. Avoid groups of more than 5. Not applicable to persons from same household.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Use disinfectants where available. Always wash or disinfect hands before you go to public places and upon returning to your apartment. Do not touch things unnecessarily in public areas.
  • Avoid touching your face unless you have just cleaned hands.
  • If you must sneeze, do it in a paper tissue or in the corner of your elbow. Dispose of the paper tissue in a proper and safe way. Wash hands afterwards.
  • Most important: If you feel sick, have a fever, runny nose etc; stay home!