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  • If you have an existing booking with Costa Natura and are due to arrive before 1st of July, 2020, contact reception by email at or telephone on +34 618 817 765
  • We strongly advise you check with your the Spanish Health Authority, your airline and your travel insurance provider if you intend to travel to Costa Natura.
  • We are waiving cancellation and change fees, in addition to offering additional rebooking options.
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Important Information – COVID-19 Updated May 9th 2020


Updated on May 9th 2020

Pls. find below the latest information from Costa Natura. Rules and recommendations are changing rapidly, but we will do our best to update you with the latest official news.

As of March 16th, Costa Natura has been officially closed down for new clients and most of the staff was sent home on “ERTE (expediente de regulación temporal de empleo). A Government help out package. Recently our Reception Manager Narci has started working part time at the reception. Our maintenance staff and gardeners are now all working ensuring that Costa Natura is as beautiful as always.

There is currently a smaller number of apartment owners living at Costa Natura and we do everything to keep the sanitary measures at the highest level following the guidelines from the Spanish Government and Health Organisations.

We expect more clients from end May subject to the relaxing of the Spanish Government travel restrictions. We will confirm this as soon as we have more information.

The Brasserie will open on May 18th for outdoor serving and Take Away.  Renato’s is closed for the time being until visitor numbers increase. Pls. check the website for more updates.

Be assured that we follow all necessary sanitary guidelines to protect our staff, clients and owners at Costa Natura.

Travel information:

  • If you have an existing booking with Costa Natura and you want to change the dates pls. contact the Reception by email at or phone: +34 618 817 765
  • During the Spanish confinement we are waving cancellation and change fees, in addition to offering additional rebooking options. If you need to cancel your booking, we will give you a voucher to the value of that booking which can be used up to 12 months from the original date of your booking.
  • We strongly advise you to check with your airlines, travel insurance, the Spanish Government and your local authorities before you travel to Costa Natura.

Sanitary guidelines at Costa Natura

We have established several sanitary guidelines for Costa Natura and for The Brasserie that will open on May 18th and we ask everybody to kindly follow and respect the rules implemented: 


Latest Guidelines to prevent spreading of Coronavirus (updated on May 9th 2020)


                                                                                                                                                          Use of communal areas:

  • Maximum 2 guests in the reception at the same time. Observe social distancing rules. Contactless payments preferred.
  • Swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna, including associated showers, change rooms and toilets, will remain closed until further notice.
  • Social club, library and gym, including associated toilets, will remain closed until further notice.
  • Change room under the old laundry is closed.
  • Laundry room is open. Only 1 person at a time. Please wipe off all surfaces you touch, both before and after, with a disinfectant wet wipe and dispose of it in the bin.  Coins are being disinfected before usage
  • Volleyball court closed until further notice
  • Petanque court may be used by members of same household. Avoid mixing groups of people from different households on the court at the same time.
  • Sunbeds remain locked and it’s not allowed to lay/sit on the common lawns.
  • “Renato’s” remains closed until visitor numbers increase
  • Play / sports equipment on the lawn by “Renato’s” may not be used.
  • The “Brasserie” remains closed. On May 18th The Brasserie will start to offer Take Away and outdoor servings at 50% capacity. Special rules for cleaning and social distance will be applied
  • Toilets outside the “Brasserie” may be used. Wipe off the surfaces you touch, both before and after, with a disinfection wet wipe and dispose of the tissue in the bin. (NB! Not in the toilet! It will block the pipes!)
  • Beach access gate is open. It’s allowed to walk on the beach in accordance with official Spanish rules


General rules:

  • Always maintain social distancing: Minimum 2 meter of distance. Avoid groups of more than 5. Not applicable to persons from same household.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Use disinfectants where available. Always wash or disinfect hands before you go to public places and upon returning to your apartment. Do not touch things unnecessarily in public areas.
  • Avoid touching your face unless you have just cleaned hands.
  • If you must sneeze, do it in a paper tissue or in the corner of your elbow. Dispose of the paper tissue in a proper and safe way. Wash hands afterwards.
  • Most important: If you feel sick, have a fever, runny nose etc; stay home!



The Brasserie will open on Monday 18th May –

for outdoor serving and Take Away

Opening Hours: 14.00 – 20.00 daily

The following rules must be followed at the Brasserie:


  • Strict social distancing at all times. 2 meters distance unless from the same household.

  • Tables with chairs minimum 2m apart

  • No guests inside the restaurant and the toilets at the restaurant are closed. Use the facilities just outside The Brasserie

  • Regular wipe down sanitising of tables and chairs and always between shifts of guests

  • Sanitary protection for staff inside, also the kitchen (masks and gloves)

  • Sanitising stations available for both clients and staff respectively

  • Social distancing when waiting at tables & queuing for service (lines on the floor)

  • No more than 50% capacity allowed by the latest decree

  • No movements of tables and chairs outside the social distancing

  • Contactless payments where possible

  • The terrace can no longer be used as a walk-trough passage.

Contact us at +34 607 474 988 for bookings (phone/WhatsApp or Text) – WELCOME!!


Keep safe and well,

The Costa Natura Team

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