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The Gym At Costa Natura

Costa Natura continues to invest in and renew its facilities. The latest improvement is the creation of a New Gym.

The New Gym, situated in the Costa Natura Social Club Building, was formally opened on Saturday 5th January 2019 by Community President, Mr Peter Bryceson. The opening event was well attended by about 40 owners and holiday clients, who showed great interest and approval for the work done.

The completely refurbished gym room has been fitted with the following new equipment:

  • Adidas Home Gym
  • Matrix Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • Nordic Track Exercise Bike
  • Free Weights Bench
  • Dumbells from 1kg to 15 kg in pairs
  • For ventilation, 2 Extractor Fans and 2 Internal Oscillating Fans
  • Bluetooth Speakers which enable users to play their own music while they work out.

Our Equipment

Matrix Elliptical Cross Trainer

This is a good machine to use for Cardio Exercise as it exercises the whole body. It is very gentle on arm and leg joints and is a good exercise to maintain general fitness.

Nordic Track Exercise Bike

This is another good machine to use for Cardio Exercise and it is also very gentle on the leg joints. You can programme the machine to run through various exercises, with varying levels of resistance, which makes exercise more interesting.

Adidas Home Gym

This is a very flexible machine capable of exercising most of the body muscles. A description sheet showing the various exercises available is placed next to the machine. It can be used to improve muscle strength as well as maintain general fitness.

General Information

The New Gym will be open during the hours that Costa Natura Reception is open and will be free of charge to holiday clients, owners and club members.

To use the gym it is necessary to sign a registration form at reception, to pay a €20 deposit for the gym key, which will be returned, when you return the key, after your gym session.

Gym users exercise at their own risk.

It is regretted that children, under the age of 16, are not permitted to use the gym.

In keeping with the naturist traditions of Costa Natura, – you can exercise naked or with gym kit, as you wish – but, if naked, you MUST sit or lie on your towel when using the gym equipment!

In any case please do bring a towel and a water bottle when you attend the gym.

Do not exercise wearing flip flops, trainers should be worn where possible.

It is a relatively small gym and so a maximum of 4 persons can use it at any one time. When the gym is full, it will be necessary for users to co-operate with the use of equipment.